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Need an asbestos roof removing ?

Grimston have over 60 years experience in the Yorkshire area and have thousands of satisfied customers.

We are fully UKATA registered asbestos removal specialists and offer free surveys for asbestos removal and disposal throughout West Yorkshire.

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Despite the risks of asbestos almost 60% of all industrial properties in the UK and 25% of domestic garage and outbuildings have an asbestos type roofing material.

Usually they have a contoured outline and are a grey or buff colour. Roof profiles are constructed from asbestos cement the most typical of which is Chrysotile (white) asbestos.

When broken, an asbestos cement panel can release asbestos fibres and therefore (f working on a panel) it is strongly advised that breathing masks be worn to protect the lungs from asbestos fibres.

One of the biggest dangers comes with a fire, because (although they don’t burn) asbestos panels can explode due to extreme heat and shower the surrounding area with invisible and highly dangerous asbestos fibres.

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Safe and certified asbestos roof removal.

If your roof contains asbestos you need to make sure it if safely and responsibly removed and disposed of by a qualified contractor. Grimston Asbestos Roof Removal are UKATA A&B trained and Licensed waste carriers.

We will make sure:-

All work to the highest standards.

We Can Safely Remove and Decontaminate Asbestos From Your Property. We Are Certified Asbestos Removal and Disposal Experts With Years of Experience In The Industry.

Call Grimston Asbestos Removal Today For A Free Survey and Price.

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We will quite happily survey your asbestos removal project free of charge.

Our prices are reasonable and we work to the highest standards.


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